Every Sodick’s injection moulding machine comes with two-stage plunger injection system (V-LINE® System) which is designed on three critical principles: consistent plasticizing heat profile, constant filling volume and constant holding pressure. These principles work in perfect harmony to achieve ultra-precision injection moulding.

Excellent Plasticization & Injection Performance

Equipped with a highly stable and highly reliable plasticization and injection unit realized by Sodick's original V-LINE® which contributes to accurate and highly repeatable resin injection, and a hydraulic accumulator mechanism that enables high speed injection with dynamic responsiveness at a high level.

Original Mould Open/Close & Clamping Mechanism

Adopts both a mould open/close mechanism which realizes accurate position control by an electronic system, and a mould clamping mechanism that reproduces an accurate mould clamping force by a hydraulic system. Equipped with a direct pressure mould clamping system which utilizes the merits of the electro-hydraulic hybrid system to the utmost.

Total Servo Drive

Further improved energy saving performance by the use of an electric servo motor for the hydraulic pump drive, in addition to the electric servo motor drive for the mould open/ close mechanism and ejection mechanism.

Technical Specification
Max. clamping force (kN) 294 (392 optional)
Tie bar distance (W x L, mm) 310 x 310
Platen dimension (mm) 440 x 440
Open daylight (mm) 550
Min./ Max. die height (mm) 150 / 360
Max. weight of tool (kg) 200
Screw diameter (mm) 14 16 24
Plunger diameter (mm) 12 16 22
Max. injection specific pressure (MPa) 288 262 260
Max. injection volume (cm3) 4.5 14 27
Max. injection rate by volume (cm3/s) 57 101 190
Max. injection stroke (mm) 40 70
Machine dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 3,150 x 1,030 x 1,679

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