High-speed hole EDM by Sodick

Sodick's K-series range of machines can produce very small holes quickly and efficiently.

NC-device equipped high-end model, K3HN is advantageous in cutting multiple initial holes for wire EDM or in automated parts machining.

As an option, the K3HN can be equipped with a additional rotary and/or indexing axes making it the ideal product for Aerospace and Medical applications.

Product data sheet K3HN (pdf, 0.88 MB)

Technical Specification
X/Y/Z axis travel (mm): 300 x 400 x 300
Table dimensions (W x D, mm): 400 x 450
Max. Weight of electrode(kg): 200
Machine dimensions (W x D x H, mm): 1425 x 1120 x 2080
Machine weight (kg): 850
W-Axis (Cutting axis in mm): 230 (manual)
Max. workpiece dimensions (W x D x H, mm): 400 x 450 x 300
Electrode diameter (mm): 0.25~3.0
Electrode guide to table surface (mm): 70~300
Dielectric Tank
External dimensions (W x D x H, mm): 706 x 436 x 1350
Capacity (l): 110
Filtration method: Replaceable paper filter (HF-17)
Dielectric fluid: Water


  • CNC control LK1 with SMC (Sodick Motion Control)
  • LN assist software for optimum condition search
  • Automatic depth measurement
  • AEF (Automatic electrode feeder)
  • Improved Ease of Operation
  • Guide set 0.8 mm
  • Electrode tube 20 pcs. 0.8 mm
  • Splash guard
  • Workpiece fixtures
  • USB
  • Ethernet


  • Touch panel
  • Remote controller
  • High column spec. (100 / 200mm)
  • 30-amp booster for electrode diameters up to 6.0 mm
  • Rotary / indexing table
  • W axis CNC
  • Oscilloscope
  • Flush block
  • Guide sets 0.3~3.0 mm diameter (in 0.1 mm steps)
  • Guide sets (long design) 0.3~3.0 mm diameter (in 0.1 mm steps)
  • Electrode tube 0.3~3.0 mm diameter (in 0.1 mm steps)


  • Through-hole Cutting

    Through-hole Cutting

    Through-hole Cutting
    Workpiece material STAVAX
    Thickness 20mm
    Electrode material Cu pipe
    Electrode diameter A: 0.5 mm B: 1.0 mm C: 2.0 mm
    Dielectric fluid Oil (VITOL-KS)
    Cutting time A: 40 seconds, B: 40 seconds, C: 1 min 40 sec
    Cutting time A: 146% per hole, B: 80% per hole, C: 58% per hole

  • Through machining

    Through machining

    Through machining
    Workpiece material SUS316
    Thickness 0.8 mm (through hole)
    Electrode material Copper pipe
    Dielectric fluid Water
    Electrode diameter 0.3 mm
    Machining time 5 sec

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