High-speed hole EDM by Sodick

Sodick’s K-series range of machines can produce very small holes quickly and efficiently.

The manually operated K1C model is ideally suited for the production of small diameter holes with a machining range of 0.25 to 3.0 mm diameter, particularly in materials which cannot be machined by traditional methods, and without high tooling cost.

Product data sheet K1C (pdf, 0.37 MB)

Technical Specification
X/Y/Z axis travel (mm): 200 x 300 x 300
Table dimensions (W x D, mm): 250 x 350
Max. workpiece weight (kg): 100
Machine dimensions (W x D x H, mm): 890 x 870 x 2015
Machine weight (kg): 550
W-Axis (Cutting axis in mm): 250
Max. workpiece dimensions (W x D x H, mm): 250 x 350 x 300
Electrode diameter (mm): 0.25 ~ 3.0
Electrode guide to table surface (mm): 50 ~ 300
Dielectric Tank
External dimensions (W x D x H, mm): -
Capacity (l): 20
Filtration method: Replaceable sponge filter
Dielectric fluid: Water


  • Improved Ease of Operation
  • Guide set 0.8 mm
  • Electrode tube 20 pcs. 0.8 mm
  • Splash guard
  • Workpiece fixtures


  • High column spec. (100/200mm)
  • 30-amp booster for electrode diameters up to 6.0 mm
  • Z axis digital
  • Flush block
  • 100-litre dielectric tank


  • Sample K1C

    Sample K1C

    Sample K1C
    Workpiece material Cemented carbide
    Workpiece thickness 10 mm (through hole)
    Electrode material Copper pipe
    Electrode diameter ˜ 0.2 mm
    Dielectric fluid Water
    Machining time 3 min 38 sec

  • Through-hole


    Workpiece material WC
    Thickness 20mm
    Electrode material Cu pipe
    Dielectric fluid Water

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