HS650L 5 Axis

HS650L 5 Axis

Super High-accuracy milling machine

The Sodick dynamic linear technology comes into operation with the new Sodick high-speed milling machine HS650L as well.

The very high specification for the HS650L results in extremely high levels of accuracy, far beyond those normally associated with high speed milling, making it particularly appropriate for mould and die applications which call for maximum precision and surface quality, for example in the optical and electronic communication sectors.

This high precision, linear motor drive machining centre offers the high rigidity, accuracy and performance that customers have come to expect of the smaller HS430, but with a larger table, extended stroke and open height, increased maximum tool length, and double the linear motor output power.

To ensure that the very high levels of dynamics and precision can be applied optimally to work-pieces, the HS650L machine bed features a cast construction for rigidity and stability – as evidenced by the machine weight of 7,200kg. However, while the machine itself offers solidity and strength, the software to operate it is lightning fast state-of- the-art technology, using the Sodick Motion Control closed regulating system which ensures that impulses from the direct measuring system are sent via the CNC core in real time, without detours, directly to the drive regulator.

With precision in the micron range, high-speed milling with up to 1G acceleration and extremely fast travel speeds, as well as maximum stability the HS650L continues to bring ground-breaking technology to milling applications such as the chamfering of punches for fine banking tools and dies, where previously the work was only possible using special machines.

Product data sheet HS650L 5 Axis (pdf, 0.26 MB)

Technical Specification
X/Y/Z axis travel (mm): 620 x 500 x 300
Table dimensions (W x D, mm): 750 x 500
Max. workpiece weight (kg): 120
Machine dimensions (W x D x H, mm): 1825 x 2956 x 2540
Machine installation dimensions (mm): 3050 x 4300
Machine weight (kg): 7200
Spindle speed (min⁻¹): 6000∼40000
Max acceleration X/Y/Z axis (G): >1
Rapid feed rate (m/min): 36
Maximum tool diameter (mm): ∅6
Tool holder capacity: 16


  • 3 Axis Linear Motor Drive
  • Spindle Temperature Controller
  • Linear Motor Temperature Controller
  • Semi-Dry Coolant System
  • Oil Base Coolant Option
  • ATC 16 Tools
  • Bed Wash Down System
  • Auto-Lubrication System
  • Automatic Shut Down
  • Work light
  • Hard Disk 30.0 GB
  • Macro Function
  • High Speed High Accuracy Function (SEPT II - Sodick Enhanced Precision Technology)
  • Programme Memory Size 30MB
  • LAN interface
  • Touch Sensor ASSY (BIG, workpiece positioning function)
  • Mist Collector (AMANO)
  • Automatic Tool Length Measuring System - BLUM (non contact type)
  • Cleaning Gun
  • Tool Tip Cleaning System


  • workpiece changer AWC 30/AWC 60
  • Tool changer ATC 45
  • Tool holder E32


  • Bottle Neck

    Bottle Neck

    Bottle Neck
    Bottle Neck HPM 38 (HRC50)
    Cutting Tools testtest

  • Lens Barrel

    Lens Barrel

    Lens Barrel
    Workpiece material Stavax
    Feeding speed (f) 800mm/min - 4000mm/min
    Total cutting time 7h 4min

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