The OPM series is a fully automatic machine which performs high precision finish machining where a metal powder is spread uniformly (recoating process), the metal powder is scanned with a laser beam to solidify the melted powder, and a rotary tool is used to perform high-speed milling. The adoption of an Yb fiber laser with a maximum output of 500W for the laser oscillator which solidifies the melted metal powder, realized high-speed metal 3D printing. Read the article about OPM250L.

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Product data sheet OPM350L (pdf, 0.25 MB)

Technical Specification
Max size of molding object (W x D x H) 350 x 350 x 350 mm
X axis stroke 360mm
Y axis stroke 360mm
U axis stroke 344mm
Molding tank inner dimensions (W x D) 390×390mm
Spindle Z-axis stroke 100mm
Max powder supply weight 300kg
Nitrogen supply capacity 90NL/min
Machine dimensions (Peripheral equipment not included) 2,020×2,485×2,220mm
Machine weight (Peripheral equipment not included) 5,800kg
Laser method Yb fiber laser
Laser wavelength 1,070nm
Max laser output 500W (1,000W Option)
Laser scan Galvano method
Max main spindle rotation speed 45,000 min-1
Max main spindle torque 0.8Nm
Number of tools 20
Tool holder method Dual face contact holder HSK-E25
Control axes XYZUB, Spindle
Simultaneouse control axes Max. 4 axes
Minimum input command 0,1 μm
Minimum drive unit 0,031 μm


  • Linear Motor for X, Y and Z axis
  • Linear Glass Scale Feedback
  • Sodick LN2RP Control
  • HSK-E25 Spindle
  • Automatic Laser Tool Length Measuring System (Blum)
  • Yb fiber laser
  • Fume Collector
  • Nitrogen Gas Supply Unit
  • 16-station Automatic Tool Changer
  • LAN Interface
  • Parallel cutting mode


  • MRS (Material Recovery System) unit

Brochures & Downloads

OPM350L / OPM250L

24 pages 05/2019


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