Sodick shows the latest EDM technology at EMO in Hanover

Confirming its position as developer and manufacturer of the world’s most advanced EDM systems, Sodick will be demonstrating the very latest technology at EMO this year.  Machines on the stand will include no less than four wire EDM machines; with two brand-new models, the ALC800G and VL600QH, as well as a Premium ALC600L, while Sodick’s extensive die-sinker EDM range will be represented by an automation-ready AG60L equipped with a robot, as well as one of its highly successful entry-level AD55L machines. In addition, the company will be demonstrating its unique, ground-breaking 3D metal additive manufacturing machine, with integral milling capability - the OPM250L, which continues to draw crowds wherever it appears.

ALC800G and VL600QH – New Wire Machines with extended Z stroke

The newly announced ALC800G, incorporates all the features and benefits of Sodick’s Premium wire range, as well as offering a three-sided automatic opening door and generous work tank with inner dimensions of 1500mm (X) by 1040mm (Y).  The high-column option version of the machine also provides an extended Z-stoke of 800mm.

Meanwhile, the new VL600QH, which incorporates an extended Z-stroke of 500mm - making it suitable for tackling even taller work-pieces, is a development of the VL600Q linear motor driven wire-cut EDM, which has proved to be extremely successful since its debut at EMO Milan in 2015. The new machine retains all the features and benefits of the earlier model, including the FJ-type Automatic Wire Threader with “pop-up” function to enable reliable automatic wire threading.

ALC600G Premium Wire Machine


The ALC600G wire EDM machine incorporates all the company’s latest digital innovations, resulting in a machine capable of increased cutting speed, greater accuracy and improved surface finish.  These achievements are the result of Sodick’s many years’ experience in developing linear motor technology, including the incorporation in the ALC600G of the Smart Pulse Generator, which dramatically reduces the number of cuts necessary to achieve the required accuracy and surface finish, when compared to conventional machines.

AG60L Die-sink with Robot


The best-selling AG60L, which incorporates Sodick’s linear EDM technology, has been installed on shop-floors and in tool-rooms around the world in sectors including automotive, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical.  The three-sided automatic rise and fall work-tank makes the machine ideally suited for automation, hence its appearance at EMO with a robot.

AD55L Entry-Level Die-sinker


Making world-leading EDM technology available to entry-level participants, the AD55L incorporates a plethora of leading Sodick innovations, including linear motors on X, Y, and Z axes, as well as the K-SMC Sodick Motion controller, 1Gbit/sec communication technology, SGF nano-wear generator and ceramic work-zone, ensuring a superior level of performance compared to other entry-level EDM machines.  In addition, the symmetrical structure of the AD55L has been specifically designed to provide improved rigidity in order to maximise machine performance. 

OPM250L Combined 3D Additive Manufacturing/Milling Centre


Sodick’s unique metal 3D additive manufacturing machine with integral linear motor drive milling centre represents the industry’s first one-step solution for the entire metal 3D additive manufacturing process. The OPM250L is ideally suited for applications in sectors including aerospace, automotive, defence and pharmaceutical.  Recent developments include the new “function parallel” mode, which enables simultaneous laser sintering of multiple locations by controlling a single laser at high speed.

Simply put, the OPM250L operates as follows: first, a metal powder is uniformly spread and then melted and solidified by scanning with a laser beam (this process can be repeated up to ten times) after which the surface is subjected to high speed milling process, creating the high quality, accuracy, precision and finish which are not achievable with a laser process alone, after which the metal powder is uniformly coated again and the process is repeated, until the geometry is complete.

In addition, the combination of a linear motor drive system with the machine’s gantry structure ensures excellent positioning and machining accuracy by taking full advantage of backlash-free, rapid axis movement while minimizing any deformation of the machine structure, while the dielectric chiller and surface level adjustment function ensure stable machining performance right from the very start.

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Prototyping specialist relies on Sodick wire EDM technology

CA Models, a market-leading prototyping shop, says that Sodick wire-erosion technology is now such an integral part of business that life without it is unimaginable. The company has two Sodick wire EDM machines on site at its Stirling facility, the latest being a Sodick AQ537L, which can accommodate workpieces measuring up to 770 x 520 x 340 mm.

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RST Engineering doubles-up on Sodick AG60L die-sink EDM machines

Following a recent move to a facility more than twice the size of its previous premises, RST Engineering has invested in another Sodick AG60L die-sink EDM to help keep pace with a growing order book. Installed in February 2018 by Sodi-Tech EDM, the machine joins an existing AG60L that has performed impressively since 2012. The two machines are now working side-by-side producing a host of complex parts such as titanium internal gears and splines for the motorsport industry.

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Sodick wire EDM provides 50% speed boost at rapid manufacturing specialist

Laser Prototypes Europe (LPE) is one of the UK and Ireland’s longest-standing specialists in rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing for a plethora of industries. Among its many services is DMLS (direct metal laser sintering) – the 3D printing of metal parts. The ability to print components with complex geometries in short cycle times is a huge competitve advantage for LPE and its customers. The DMLS process requires a lot of heat and energy to sinter the powder, which creates in-built stresses that can lead to distortion of the part. To counter this effect, heatsinks and anchors must be added to the component. After 3D printing, wire EDM is used as a finishing process to remove these and achieve final tolerance. Here, LPE has just added a second machine to its portfolio, a VL600QH from Sodi-Tech EDM, which is performing duties some 50% faster than the existing Sodick machine installed in 2017.

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EMO 2019 impressions

EMO 2019 in Hannover was a great show for the Sodick team. Around 117,000 experts from all over the world visited the world's leading trade fair for metalworking, where we were delighted to present our innovations and classics again.

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Sodick Brings Best-of-Breed EDM, Milling and Injection Moulding to EMO

With its largest ever stand at EMO, Sodick is once again bringing best-of-breed technology to the exhibition, with European debuts for the ACL400P super-high accuracy wire EDM, the ALC800G large capacity premium wire machine, the new UH650L high-speed milling machine and the MS100 plastic injection moulding machine. 

These newcomers are accompanied on the stand by two of Sodick’s most advanced EDM “big beasts”, the AG80L die sink and the ALC800G wire machine, while automation options are being demonstrated by the AG60L die sinker with robot and the OPM250L additive manufacturing machine.

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