Sodick has continuously developed new technologies and new products for over 30 years. Sodick has at its heart a devotion to continuously develop new technologies to help our customers manufacture better products. This management creed has been basically applied since the inauguration of the business, and the following are a selected few of the highlights and achievements since the company's inception.

July 2019 Grand opening of new Sodick European Headquarters in Warwick, UK
March 2015 Sodick Co.,Ltd.'s stock listing was upgraded from the second to the first grade of the Tokyo Stock Exchange market
February 2013 Opening of the second Thai factory plant
November 2012 World Premier of SL wire EDM series at JIMTOF 2012, Tokyo
January 2012 Launch of Compact wire EDM Range, the AQ400L and AQ600L
June 2010 Launch of new wire entry models VZ series.
June 2010 Achieved 24,000 total shipments of linear machines.
October 2009 Release of new AG wire range AG400-600L and Sinker EDM range AG40-60-80L.
May 2008 Achieved 20,000 total shipments of linear servo motor drive machines.
October 2007 Release of new power supply "LP series"
January 2007 Received the "Nippon Brand Prize" among "49th The Best 10 New Products of 2006" for "Hybrid Wire" awarded by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.
December 2006 Received the "Nippon Brand Prize" among "48th The Best 10 New Products of 2005" for "AE 05" Nano EDM of "SPACE Series" awarded by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.
January 2005 Achieved 10,000 total shipments of linear servo motor drive machines (die-sinking/wirecut EDMs, presses, machining centres) in the world´s shortest time
July 2004 Received "The 34th Machine Industrial Design Prize - Special Prize" for "AP1L LQ" a linear motor drive small super-precision die - sinking EDM, awarded by The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.
May 2004 Sodick Deutschland GmbH and Europe Technical centre established in Stuttgart, Germany
January 2004 Electron-beam PIKA finish machine EBM PF-00A/PF-32A awarded the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd. 46th (2003) "Best 10 New Products Prize"
October 2003 Ultra-precision linear nano-machine NANO-100 awarded 20th Kanagawa Industrial Technology Development Grand Prize/Encouragement Prize
March 2003 Opening Shanghai Technical Centre in Shanghai
January 2003 Achieved a total of 5,000 shipments of linear servo motor drive machines (die-sinking/wire-cut EDMs,presses, machining centres)
August 2002 Announced ultra-precision small linear nano-machining centre MC 430L
June 2000 The AQ series NC die-sinking EDM equipped with linear servo was awarded the Japan Die & Mold Industry Association´s "10th Japan Society of Die and Mold Technology Prize"
January 2000 The AQ series NC die-sinking EDM equipped with linear servo motor was awarded the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd. 42nd (1999) "Best 10 New Products Prize" and the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc 1999 Nikkei Excellent Products and Services Awards
April 1999 Extanded period of guaranty for domestic EDMs to 3 years. Announced the AQ series of high-speed NC die-sinking EDMs equipped with 3-axis linear servo motor
October 1997 Hong-Kong subsidiary Sodick (H.K.) Co., Ltd. formed
January 1997 Head Office transferred to the Technology and Training Center in Nakamachidai, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama Sodick (Taiwan)Co., Ltd. established in Taiwan
December 1994 Suzhou Sodick Special Equipment Co., Ltd. established in Suzhou, China
April 1994 Sodick Singapore Pte., Ltd established in Singapore
May 1993 Announcement of EXC100 high accuracy wire-cut EDM with ceramic machine body
July 1992 Subsidiaries Sodick Engineering Co., Ltd., Socdick Plustech Co., Ltd., Sodick New Material Co., Ltd (present Sodick EMG Co.,Ltd.) established
May 1991 Sahnghai Sodick Software Co., Ltd. established in Shanghai, China
March 1989 Technology and Training Center completed in Minatokita Newtown, Yokohama
November 1988 Sodick (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established
March 1987 Completed Kaga Factory with FMS facilities
February 1986 Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Capital increased to 2,627,003,500 yen
September 1984 Developed and presented small hole milling EDM
November 1983 Developed EDM with 4-axis and spindle numerical control (1983 Machine Promotion Association Prize received from the Japan Machine Promotion Association)
March 1983 Establishment of Sodick Europe GmbH in Germany. Operation started in Europe.
January 1982 Developed and launched the 8133 EDM power supply unit with built-in 16-bit microcomputer. (Renamed MARK III in April 1982)
January 1981 Sales begun of the 330W NC wire-cut EDM with 5-axis simultaneous control
October 1980 Mirror surface finishing circuit PIKA-1 completed (Received 1981 Inventor´s Prize from the Japan Investors´ Association)
June 1980 Fukui Factory completed as the main production center (Sakai-cho, Sakai, Fukui). Begun sales of NC die-sinking EDMs in US
August 1976 Sodick Co., Ltd. established in Midori-ku, Yokohama with capital of 20 million yen. Toshihiko Furukawa appointed President

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