Company Profile

For over 30 years Sodick has been manufacturing EDM machines that are the best in the world. As the industry leader, we are committed to the highest quality standards. For Sodick, this commitment does not stop at sales, but applies equally to providing advice and support in all the technical aspects of applications, training, customer and after-sales service. Consequently, we provide you with our services on all aspects of EDM machining quickly, and in a manner best suited to your individual needs, throughout the world.

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Sodick has continuously developed new technologies and new products for over 30 years. This management creed has been basically applied since the inauguration of the business, and the following are a selected few of the highlights and achievements since the company’s inception.

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Organisation Europe

Europe is universally recognised as the cradle of the machine tool business and a lot of our major competitors in the field of EDM are still based here. Thus it was that Sodick acknowledged the need for a permanent base in Europe early on.

In May 2004, Sodick transferred its European Sales base from Frankfurt to Stuttgart and established Sodick Deutschland GmbH. At the same time, a new European Headquarters was opened in Coventry, England.

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Sodick Group worldwide

From the beginning, the Sodick Group has taken a global perspective in the development of its business and has grown into a corporate group with a firm presence in the global market. Currently, Sodick divdes the world market into five areas- Japan, China, Asia (excluding China), America, and Europe, and develops its production and sales structure for each area after analysing market trends.

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Sodick´s Technology

Knowledge at it's best.

Determined to provide its customers with the best available quality, Sodick constantly pushes innovation.

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Sodick European Headquarters

The new Headquarters – a superb purpose-built facility in the UK’s Midlands manufacturing heartland – benefits from excellent transport links, making it easy to access by customers, prospects and agents alike.  As the operational centre for sales service and market support there are already 50 staff employed on site, with plans to double that number within the next few years.

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